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Sol Petroleum Jamaica Celebrates One Year Anniversary 

Sol Managers, Juan Veras ( Sol Caribbean ) and Karoline Smith (Sol Jamaica ) with Sol Hostess
Juan Veras (Sol Group Lubricants Mgr), Andrew Rollins (Sol Group CFO), Robert Jackson (GM - Sol Jamaica)

On the occasion of its first anniversary, SOL PETROLEUM JAMAICA LIMITED is pleased to introduce two Shell Helix High Mileage motor vehicle lubricants - Shell Helix HX7 and Shell Helix HX5.

As part of its celebrations, the company unveiled to the local market the premium offerings which were specifically designed to protect and extend the life of an engine for drivers of high mileage vehicles. 

The two products were launched during an official function at the Talk of the Town, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

In reaffirming Sol’s commitment to providing value to consumers, Robert Jackson, General Manager, SOL PETROLEUM JAMAICA LIMITED, toasted the company on its success over the past year. 

I offer my heartiest congratulations to all staff on a job well done. Through our collective efforts, we have successfully positioned Sol as a premier supplier of lubricants in the local market. Indeed, we have much to be proud of,” he said.

In highlighting the merits of Shell Helix HX7 and HX5, Loncey Earle, Frontline Technical Support, said each was specially formulated to deliver a wide range of benefits to the everyday motorist, including prolonging the life of an engine, reconditioning worn engine seals, and reducing oil leakage and oil consumption.

Worldwide, the automotive industry starts considering an engine to be high mileage when it has more than 100,000 km on the clock. Engines operate in severe conditions and over time high usage vehicles can begin to experience greater wear and higher oil consumption.

Vehicle owners in Jamaica want to keep their engines running efficiently for as long as possible and a key driver for them is a trusted lubricant that delivers high quality performance,” Earle said.

Both lubricants contain extra anti-wear agents that help reduce engine wear and prolong engine life, along with active cleansing technology that stops harmful deposits from forming.

Shell Helix High Mileage Lubricants deliver the following benefits:

  • Shell Helix HX7 High Mileage helps slow down the aging process of your engine, while Shell Helix HX5 High Mileage provides extended engine life.

Both boast the following features and benefits:

 Contains extra anti-wear agents that help to reduce wear and oil consumption.

  • Contains seal-conditioning additives, which helps to rejuvenate shrunken engine seals to reduce internal and external oil leakage. 
  • Formulated with cleansing agent technology, that helps to stop dirt and sludge building up, and, therefore, helps to protect and prolong the life of the engine. 
  • Oxidation resistance, which helps to resist oil degradation throughout the recommended oil-drain interval and therefore helps to keep oil fresh for longer. 
  • Multi-grade viscosity, for easier cold starting compared with mono-grade oils and faster oil flow to critical engine parts.

According to the manufacturer specifications and age, each engine has specific requirements for operation in optimal conditions. Drivers should always remember to use the viscosity grade recommended by the vehicle’s Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Shell Helix motor oils are distributed in Jamaica by SOL PETROLEUM JAMAICA LIMITED, the Macro distributor of Shell's lubricants, along with authorized Resellers.

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