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Grand Welcome for Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited 

General Manager of Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited, Mr. Keith Glinton
Chief Financial Officer and Director of The Sol Group, Andrew Rollins
Hon. Dr. Bernard J. Nottage – Minister of National Security welcomed Sol to the Bahamas

Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited was given a warm reception by officials of government and the petroleum industry when the new company was unveiled today to customers in Bahamas.

The official launch follows the purchase of ExxonMobil’s Caribbean businesses in the Western Caribbean (Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, and Grand Cayman) in January this year. 

The transaction included ExxonMobil’s fuels marketing business as well as a long term brand alliance which provides for the continuation of the Esso brand at the acquired retail sites. Customers will therefore be able to buy the same high quality fuel and products that are associated with the Esso retail offering when they visit Esso service stations across the island.

In addition to retail, under the Sol Brand the new company will continue to provide services in aviation, marine and commercial fuels through the continuation of the many very important relationships already established with customers in these segments. 

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Chief Financial Officer and Director of The Sol Group, Andrew Rollins said not only had Sol’s geographical footprint grown since inception, but so has its influence and responsibility.

He stated: “We have made significant strides in building a safe, sound, and viable business, which continues to grow exponentially. Following our most recent purchase of ExxonMobil’s fuel marketing business in Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman, Dominican Republic and Bahamas, we were very pleased to have established a long term partnership with Exxon which provides for the continuation of the Esso brand across the region and the sourcing of fuels from their Gulf Coast refineries. Customers will therefore be able to buy the same high quality fuel and products that are associated with the Esso retail offering.”

Mr. Rollins noted also that Sol’s Caribbean roots gave the company a unique and advantageous appreciation of regional markets including Bahamas.

“As people from the Caribbean, we share a deep appreciation and understanding of our region, its people, and their needs. We can therefore work together to provide even greater value to our customers and stakeholders. Our objective is to offer quality energy solutions, deliver the best in customer satisfaction and serve the needs of the communities where we do business. Our focus across the region has been on long-term social partnerships; in education, sports, the environment and energy.”

Further highlighting Sol’s educational investment, The Group CFO also took the opportunity to congratulate the most recent Sol Scholarship winner from the Bahamas.

“To date we are very pleased with the results of The Sol Scholarship which has been established across the campuses of the University of The West Indies. We would like to recognise Ms. Shayvonne Moxey-Bonamy, a talented Bahamian Masters student at the University of the West Indies-Cave Hill Campus (Barbados) and one of the recipients of 2013/2014 the Sol Scholarship Award. We look forward to even greater success stories and look forward to contributing further to the development of your young people in the community.”

Also addressing the ceremony, General Manager of Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited, Mr. Keith Glinton said the Esso brand had been, and would continue to be an important contributor to the Bahamian market. He said the company was therefore happy to be able to continue offering its customers the same high quality products associated with Esso as part of the Sol organisation. The General Manager said plans were also being developed for Sol Bahamas to import a high quality line of lubricant products.

He said Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited was pleased to join The Sol Group in delivering petroleum and energy solutions to the Bahamas for the next generation and generations to come. 

“Sol is a respected regional player and has demonstrated its commitment to regional development in every market where it has established its operations. The Bahamas Market is no exception. The Sol Bahamas Team is proud to be part of such a strong Caribbean organisation. Sol in Bahamas will look for further opportunities to grow the brand and give back to our local community.”

The General Manager further emphasised the advantages of Sol’s Caribbean roots: 

“Sol is a symbol, an image, a promise, a commitment, Sol is us and beyond us. We are the largest Caribbean owned and managed petroleum company. The Caribbean is our home and we are committed to serving energy solutions to our Caribbean family for the future, including our family in the Bahamas.

“As a Caribbean Company populated by Caribbean people, hospitality is in our veins, so service and responsiveness to our customers will be even better than before.  And because we don’t just visit here and invest here, but we also live here, we will demonstrate our continuing commitment to the holistic development of our Caribbean communities including the Bahamas.”

He added that Esso’s legacy would not be lost, but carried forward into the future.

“… we will improve on the legacy passed on to us, by building on it, in essence standing on the shoulder of what we have inherited.  We will retain the Esso brand at our service stations and maintain the most advanced fuels in the country like Esso Fuel System Energy motor gasoline and Esso Ultra Low Sulphur diesel, the only ULSD in the country suitable for even the most advanced diesel engines and our fuel supplier continues to be the world’s largest refinery with a leading presence in the US Gulf Coast, ExxonMobil.”

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