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Sol in St. Vincent: Customers Embrace Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) 

The Sol Group, the leading supplier of fuels, lubricants, bitumen and LPG to the Caribbean Basin, is highlighting the introduction of Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) to customers in the St. Vincent market. Officially launched to drivers last year by SOL EC LTD., the product is a cleaner diesel that improves air quality and extends the life of diesel fuel engines.

“Our aim is to make sure our customers have access to products that support the development of a more environmentally sound, health aware patterns of energy consumption in the Caribbean,” said Retail Fuels and Marketing Manager to the Sol Group, Lisbeth Cabrera del Cid. “We are happy to note that our customers are increasingly buying into the environmental and fuel-efficient benefits of LSD.”

Low Sulphur Diesel is a diesel with a sulphur level less than or equal to 500ppm. Unlike high sulphur diesel, which increases engine maintenance costs and prevents the importation of contemporary diesel vehicles, low sulphur diesel is a ‘cleaner’ fuel designed to be compatible with the latest engine technology. Due to these factors, unique benefits of the LSD fuel includes reduced corrosion and improved engine performance with prolonged use and more environmentally friendly fuel emissions.

LSD was requested by several of Sol’s commercial customers prior to its 2014 launch, and is currently available for purchase at all Shell retail locations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Sol, a Caribbean-owned company, is currently celebrating ten years of providing innovative energy solutions to individuals, families, businesses and government organisations across the region.

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