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Sol and Sailors Recycle at 32nd Moorings Interline Regatta 

Sol presents Green Award to sailor on Wild Irish Rose at 32nd Moorings Interline Regatta
For the third consecutive year, Sol teamed up with the Moorings Interline Regatta to present the Green Award to participants in the annual airline industry sailing event. This year the award went to sailors on Wild Irish Rose for collecting the most empty glass bottles in a ‘Drinking Responsibly’ recycling initiative. Celebrating its 32nd anniversary, the regatta for airline employees and friends took place October 15 – 24 with twenty-two Moorings boats participating in daily races around the British Virgin Islands. The ‘Drinking Responsibly’ campaign was introduced to help keep glass out of the BVI waste stream and required teams to collect their empty glass bottles and present them at weigh points during the course of the regatta. The members of the winning team with the most weight in glass each took home a sail-shaped, recycled glass trophy specially made for Sol by the Green VI Glass Studio in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. In 2009, Sol, the largest petroleum company in the BVI, had partnered with Green VI to support a glass blowing studio to facilitate the removal of glass from the BVI’s waste stream and the incineration process. Sol currently supplies the LPG required to fire the furnaces of the studio. Event organisers presented crystal trophies to interline regatta racing category winners, which included Team Finn Air in Interline Class A, Team Grossmann Jetservice in Interline Class B, and Team SAS in Interline Class C. 2013 Moorings 32nd Interline Regatta Results: Place, Yacht Name, Yacht Type, Owner/Skipper, City, State, Country, Results, Total Points Interline Class A (CSA - 4 Boats) 1. Brise, Moorings 413, Jari Soukka / Finnair Team , FIN, 3-1-1-2-1-2-1; 11 2. Ruby Dawn, Moorings 413, Rune Carbuhn Andersen / Jettime/Southwest , DEN, 1-2-2-1-2-1-3; 12 3. Bare Necessities, Moorings 413, Crawford Sneddon / British Airways , UK, 2-3-4-3-3-4-4; 23 4. Katie Roo, Moorings 413, Burkhard Justus / Lufthansa , 4-4-3-4-4-3-2; 24 Interline Class B (CSA - 6 Boats) 1. L'Attitude II, Moorings 433, Georg Ondrej / Grossmann Jetservice , 1-1-4-1-2-2-1; 12 2. Loma IV, Moorings 433, Soren Blume / Jettime/Southwest , DEN, 3-3-3-3-1-1-2; 16 3. Citation, Moorings 433, Alan Mullen / United/FedEx , USA, 5/TLE-2-5-2-4-3-3; 24 4. After Life, Moorings 433, Lawrence Wakile / British Airways , UK, 2-6/TLE-1-4-3-5-4; 25 5. Wild Irish Rose, Moorings 433, Raynee Portillo / American Airlines , USA, 4-5-2-5-6-4-6; 32 6. Lalie, Moorings 433, George Karambilas / Cargolux , LUX, 5/TLE-4-6-6-5-6-5; 37 Interline Class C (CSA - 12 Boats) 1. Gemini II, Moorings 505, Oivinn Brudevoll / SAS , SWE, 2-1-6-1-1-3-4; 18 2. Knot Now / No No, Moorings 505, Claus Baerentsen / Jettime/Southwest , DEN, 3-4-4-3-4-1-1; 20 3. Zourite, Moorings 505, Hugh Carmichael / Nippon Cargo , 6/TLE-5-1-2-3-2-2; 21 4. Calypso, Moorings 505, Don Waller / American Airlines , USA, 5-2-5-5-2-5-5; 29 5. Bella Christine, Moorings 505, Christer Weyde / SAS , SWE, 1-6-2-13/DSQ-5-8-3; 38 6. Tiger Pause / ExCon, Moorings 505, John Fitzgerald / United Airlines , USA, 4-9-3-7-6-4-10; 43 7. Nadara, Moorings 505, Joseph La Fontaine / Team Emirates , 6/TLE-7-8-4-7-9-9; 50 8. Celestial Storm, Moorings 505, Adam Taff / United Airlines , 6/TLE-8-9-6-8-6-8; 51 9. Rossi II, Moorings 505, Brian Keene / Nippon Cargo , 6/TLE-3-7-9-11-11-6; 53 10. Triton, Moorings 505, Marco Van Der Heiden / KLM , 6/TLE-10-10-10-9-10-7; 62 11. Elowyn Sage, Moorings 505, Duncan Roberts / Horizon/Compass/UPS/Frontier/Jetblue , 6/TLE-12-11-8-10-7-11; 65 12. Off Line, Moorings 505, Boris Schirra / Cargolux , LUX, 6/TLE-11-12-11-12-13/DNF-12; 77   Full results on Sol is the primary fuel supplier for the marine community at Hodges Creek, Nanny Cay Marina, the Moorings, Village Cay, Bitter End, Biras Creek, Peter Island, Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and Leverick Bay. Sol is a committed supporter of other community initiatives including Conservation and Fisheries Green Pledge, Virgin Islands Search and Rescue, the Leverick Bay Poker Run, the annual BVI Charter Yacht Show, The youth sailing program of the Royal BVI Yacht Club, and is a partner of the BVI Athletics Association.

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