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Sol Blazers Receive Support Once More from Petroleum Company 

Alan Neesome, General Manager of Sol in Cayman Islands celebrating the Sol Blazers Championship Win in 2014

When the Sol Group purchased ExxonMobil’s business in Grand Cayman in 2014, it also acquired one of Esso’s most significant sponsorships—supporting Cayman’s winning basketball team. The Caribbean energy company will continue the tradition of 17 years of sponsorship under the Sol brand name.

Noting that the Sol Blazers team is a ‘shining example’ of national excellence in the sport, Alan Neesome, General Manager of Sol in Cayman Islands, was happy to confirm the energy company’s continued sponsorship of the team. Neesome emphasised the importance of sports to youth development, particularly in the case of young men. He also highlighted the success of the sponsorship through the Blazers consistent performance and development over the years, and the team’s positive influence on the wider Cayman community.

“We at Sol remain committed to development of sports locally and regionally. Supporting the Sol Blazers fits right into our mission to create opportunities for regional youth and sportsmen to flourish, especially as the Blazers are an example of excellence in the Cayman community. We are proud to continue our support of the reigning basketball champions here in Cayman.”

This year is proving to be particularly exciting season in the Cayman basketball circuit. With Division 1 and Division 2 teams participating in the men’s national league, Sol’s continued support of the Blazers was a plus for the reigning champions, who are currently in the top three of this year’s tournament. Sol Blazers Coach, Shawn Pitterson, asserted the team’s appreciation of the energy role in the Blazers successes and its commitment to the social development of Grand Cayman.

“Sol has been very generous and committed to the Sol Blazers,” said Pitterson. “The club has been able to grow, develop, provide opportunities and assistance for members and future young leaders through the sport of basketball. I am very grateful that Sol has been very committed to the Sol Blazers throughout the years. The club has been a positive impact in the basketball community and in the broader Cayman society.”

Sol is a world-class company managing large, highly complex businesses in 23 territories across the Caribbean and Central and South America. Since acquiring ExxonMobil’s Western Caribbean business in 2014, the company has continued to manage the Esso network of stations in Bermuda, and throughout the Caribbean. The Caribbean-owned company is currently celebrating ten years of servicing individuals, families, businesses and government organisations throughout the region. 

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