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St. Lucian Motorists “Going for Gold” with Shell 

Customers of Shell V-Power gasoline and Shell Diesel can now “Go for Gold” every time they fuel up at Shell Service Stations in St. Lucia.

Shell’s new “Go for Gold” promotion is giving value back to customers in the form of gold coins redeemable for cash and free fuel, and silver coins for other delightful Shell prizes. The promotion commences on August 29th and will run for eight weeks offering cash prizes of up to $750 at a time.

Eugenie Dalson, General Manager, SOL EC LTD., the licensed operator of Shell Service Stations, said loyal Shell customers were “worth their weight in gold”, adding that the promotion aimed to give back in the most appropriate way possible. 

She said Sol was passionate about offering quality, high performance fuels and encouraged customers to keep trying Shell V-Power which features a unique double action formulation designed to actively clean your engine and reduce friction to help deliver more power throughout the life of your car.

“We hope that by using Shell V-Power gasoline and diesel, motorists can get the best value out of their driving experience, and we want our loyal customers to know that they are worth their weight in gold to us, which is why we decided to use gold coins as fitting reward for their patronage,” Dalson said. 

During the promotion, customers making the minimum spend on Shell V-Power gasoline or Shell Dieselwill receive either silver or gold coins. Silver coins are redeemable for gifts including water bottles and sun visors, while customers receiving gold coins can collect and exchange them for vouchers worth $25 in free fuel, or for lump sum cash prizes of $500 and $750.

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