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Sol Invests In Additional Storage At Corito Bay 

The Valley - Sol officially announced the completion of its new spanking 4000 barrel tank at Corito Bay, Anguilla. This new tank constructed is part of Sol’s on-going capital investment strategy which has seen a major outlay in infrastructural improvements across the region.

Commissioned in July this year with the objective of improving the diesel storage capacity in Anguilla, Anderson International a certified tank construction company out of Guatemala was appointed Contractor of the new tank construction, following a systematic tendering process. The project also offered employment opportunities to local workmen who assisted in laying the foundation and other civil works within the tank farm.

During the official handover of the project Mr Hewlette Gumbs, Country Manager of Sol in Anguilla, commended the Project Manager for completing the project proficiently and offered his assurance in Sol’s ability to continuously meet the demands of the market.

“Sol is very happy with the timely completion of the new diesel tank at Corito Bay. The project was completed within time and both locals and personnel from Anderson International worked consistently from start to finish to ensure we had a first-rate, industry certified diesel tank to add to our operations. With this additional storage, we are equipped to meet the diesel requirements of all of our customers which also include our partner ANGLEC, the national power company of Anguilla.”

With the completion of this new tank, the total storage capacity of diesel at Corito Bay has been boosted by a whopping 30%. As an extension of this project, the entire periphery of the new tank and the existing tanks has been reinforced as an industry measure which would allow product to be recovered easily in the highly unlikely event of a spill. This practice is both environmentally pleasing and proactive.

As part of Sol’s on-going asset management regime, the three existing tanks at Corito Bay have also been earmarked for refurbishment. To date one of the tanks has already been retrofitted with a new tank bottom, with the other two scheduled for a similar upgrade during October this year. Though a heavy investment, this will give each tank a new lease of life for many years to come whilst ensuring that the environment is respected and protected.

Sol made its entrance to the Anguillan market back in 2005 and has continued on a trend of continuous improvements and investments for over the past seven years.


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